What’s new in WordPress 5.8 ( with screenshots )

wordpress 5.8


WordPress has come a long way since its creation 18 years ago in 2003. The dedicated team of contributing developers have constantly been updating the CMS to match modern website requirements; No wonder 30% of the internet runs on WordPress. The latest update is version 5.8 ( official name - Tatum ) which brings with it a host of new features and improvements that the community has been eagerly waiting for.

What’s New?

WordPress 5.8 is specially focused on the complete site editing experience. WordPress has always been a complete site builder, so what's so important in WordPress 5.8 that makes this update a big step up? Let's find out.

  1. Widgets Editor Overhaul with Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress 5.8

One beautiful concept introduced in WordPress 5.8 is the ability to edit widgets with blocks. Before 5.8, we had minimal control over how widgets could be customized. We could just drag and drop the elements into fixed widgets and stylize them using custom HTML or CSS

But now, in 5.8

WordPress Widgets have been updated with the addition of Gutenberg blocks. This gives developers superior control over the widget structure, styling, and of course a lot of block options to use. We can now also get a live preview of the final output via the Customizer. Screenshots below.

Widgets management before WordPress 5.8

wordpress widget screen

Widgets management In WordPress 5.8 with Blocks

wordpress 5.8 widget screen

  1. Query Loop Block to maximize content exposure

In WordPress 5.8, Query Loop Blocks are more powerful than ever. With this new addition, we can create similar article / latest article suggestions quicker and in sync with specified parameters like category, custom post types, keyword patterns, and complex posts loops. This makes it a lot easier to build posts linked with a relatable chain of content that drives engagement and enhances user journey and experience across your website.

  1. Edit the Templates Around Posts

Before WordPress 5.8, If we chose to edit any post template, there were severe limitations over the control of design and customization. Now, with the 5.8 upgrades, we can change the layout and edit the templates as per our choice and design preferences. Once again, the block editor has been incorporated into the template editor to make this possible for ease of website development. 

  1. List view for a global overview of page structure

This feature provides a much-needed list view of all the blocks incorporated in the website, in a nested format. This helps to navigate a specific block easily with a list view option and saves a lot of time in tracking and editing specific elements of a post.

wordpress list view

  1. Block Pattern Suggestions

Block pattern suggestions were introduced in earlier versions of WordPress; However, now they have been calibrated to work for query blocks and social icons as well. It’s been announced by the WP team that additional suggestions will be added as more patterns emerge.

wordpress block pattern suggestions

  1. Make your images pop!

WordPress 5.8 adds the Duotone effect feature to images giving them more beauty than regular images with the default white and black filters. The addition of these new color options helps significantly enhance what developers can now do with their images and visually engage users.

wordpress duotones
  1. Global Styles in WordPress

This is the most awaited feature for developers who want to play with the global settings and styles In this WordPress. In WordPress 5.8, we have the addition of theme.json. With this new configuration file, we can write code for global settings on a website or block level.

theme.json in  wordpress


Miscellaneous Changes

  • WordPress 5.8 will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 11 moving forward. 
  • WordPress 5.8 will now be supporting the Webp image format, which helps reduce an image’s size up to 30% while still maintaining visual quality. Unfortunately, though, it won’t auto-convert images to Webp from other formats, so make sure you convert your jpg’s before uploading.

Impact on the WordPress community moving forward

WordPress 5.8 has brought in a lot of functionalities many of us developers have been waiting for. With the ability to control global features and customize widgets at a deeper level, this update is shaping up to be a major game-changer for the WordPress community. Only time will tell how much of an impact these new features make, and we here at Exemplifi are excited to try them all out. We will be putting 5.8 through the rigor and if you’d like to stay connected with the latest updates, join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or our Newsletter.

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