Oxygen Builder vs. Elementor


If you are facing difficulty picking the right page builder for your website, then this article is for you. We take two powerful page builders - Oxygen and Elementor and look into each thoroughly. We provide a complete comparison of each builder and their exclusive features, ease of use, pricing plans, and pros & cons.

Elementor and Oxygen Builder: Getting Started & Ease of Use


  1. Coming to the interface, Elementor offers a clean and intuitive interface. Elementor offers various elements, with a sidebar and a full-screen view of your website.
  1. You can simply drag the elements and drop them on the screen to design and edit.
  1. The elements in the sidebar are easy to navigate. You have plenty of elements in the free version and even more in the pro version of Elementor.
  1. The design of the dashboard by Elementor is clean and modern. You won’t need a manual to figure out how things work. It’s as simple as loading it up and getting to work.
  1. Elementor also allows you to control your responsive designs according to multiple devices that your users open your website through.

Oxygen Builder

  1. Oxygen lets you create two kinds of templates- page-specific and site-wide. Oxygen gives you better control over your template settings.
  1. It allows you to assign priority values to different templates. This makes it easier for designers and developers to know and select which template should be applied to which page on the website. To take things further, you can even add shortcodes to templates.
  1. You can edit, manage, delete, and filter all your Oxygen templates hassle-free from the templates menu. You can choose between starting from a blank or a pre-designed template.
  1. On the left side, is a panel with all the elements, and on the right side is your blank canvas ( if you chose the blank canvas option ). You can then quickly drag and drop the elements onto your canvas to make changes. Oxygen allows you to switch from horizontal to vertical layouts easily.

Features of  Elementor and Oxygen builder


  1. Elementor lets you create advanced and professional-grade popups on your webpage.
  1. It has one of the most unique and useful feature out there which is the “finder”. It is perfect for web designers since It lets you create and edit various pages in a sequence without having to exit Elementor.
  1. Elementor allows for a safe mode. With it, you can diagnose why your website is broken without paying someone else to check it. This security feature comes in handy when you install new updates.
  1. To set who can access the interface, Elementor comes with a role manager to choose manually who can access the interface and who cannot.
  1. When you are editing your designs, you can quickly put your website into maintenance mode.


  1. Oxygen allows advanced and easy customization of elements.
  1. Oxygen offers a lean website builder, as it allows you to eliminate elements that you do not need rather than forcing everything on you. You can take full control over your builder interface and streamline your productivity.
  1. You can import or export all the unique and attractive designs and CSS that you made through Oxygen.
  1. If you own an online store, you take better control of every aspect of your website as Oxygen is WooCommerce integrated.
  1. Oxygen does not set any limit on your success. You can use unlimited websites without paying a single penny over your plan’s pricing.

Pros and Cons of Elementor and Oxygen builder


Oxygen Builder

Pricing of  Elementor and Oxygen builder

Elementor Pricing

Oxygen builder Pricing


When it comes to Oxygen VS Elementor, there's no clear winner. If you're looking for simplicity, Elementor wins. If you're looking for speed and flexibility, Oxygen wins. Both are incredibly well designed, and can definitely be learned to create stunning websites. 

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