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Have you outgrown your WPEngine infrastructure and are now looking to up-level your game by moving to WordPress VIP? Are you concerned about the effort involved in making this shift?

With migrations as quick as 1-week, you can rest easy. We are a WordPress VIP Enterprise Partner and our team of WordPress experts will make this process quick, easy and painless.

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Move Away from WPEngine

There are two distinct areas that you have to consider: WordPress Migration and Transferring the WPEngine settings.

When thinking about moving your WordPress site, there are several key considerations:
- Multisite
- Plugins
- Content including multilingual
- Themes and Templates Code

As for WPEngine Settings, there are atleast 8-10 main areas to consider: Caching, Web Rules, Git, Users, sFTP, CDN, Backups and such.

Get Setup on WPVIP

The first step in getting setup on WPVIP is to import the WordPress site from WPEngine.

After this is completed, the WPEngine settings have to transferred over. The WPVIP infrastructure and DevOps are significantly different, and so implementing the equivalent settings will need careful consideration and collaboration.

In general, 90% of the WPEngine settings and data can be quickly migrated after the initial requirements discussion. This includes DNS transfer, CDN setup, Git migration, SSL, Caching and Web rules.

The end result of this migration will be an equivalent site that you had before. It will behave exactly the same -- the content will be fully operational, the SEO settings will be fully retained, all analytics and MarTech integrations will work as before.

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I have a multisite instance. Will it migrate?

Yes it will. WordPress VIP can be easily configured to be setup as multisite.

I use the CloudFlare CDN on WPEngine. How will this transfer to WordPress VIP?

Depending on the WPEngine package that you have, you might be leveraging these GES cache powered by Cloudflare. When you move to WordPress VIP, no additional configuration would be required to utilize their CDN. This is out of the box.

I use custom SSL credentials (from Thawte or others). How will these transfer over?

Yes, you can transfer your 3rd-party certificates from WPEngine, over to WordPress VIP. You can go here for more details.

Will my sFTP + Git credentials transfer over?

Your Git credentials and users will be migrated. However, WordPress VIP doesn't offer any sFTP capabilities, as it generally not needed these days.

Will all my WP Plugins transfer over?

This is a big one! Yes, they will move over seamlessly. However, this is a good time to do a comprehensive inventory of what you have, what you are using and what might not be needed in the new environment.

I have a ton of redirect rules. How will these transfer over?

WPEngine lets you implement redirect rules conveniently. WordPress VIP doesn't utilize Apache in its stack, so things like an .htaccess file containing redirects couldn't be utilized. They recommend implementing these rules at the WordPress level. For eg. a plugin like this would be the way to go

I use the “Web Rules” capability of WPEngine to limit IPs and geofence. Will these transfer over?

WPEngine Web Rules are a convenient way to limit IPs and geofence. This would require an alternative implementation at WordPress VIP. See: here and here