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What are the risks of Website Migration Services?

Loss of page rank and SEO

That is the biggest concern for people migrating their websites. Changing the CMS platform means a change in the URL as well, and therefore, you might quickly lose your search engine ranking.

Losing website content 

If you have been running a website for quite a long time, then you must have garnered a lot of content in the form of comments, posts along with the number of users who follow your updates. But during migration, there are chances of losing some element of your content. 

Broken internal links

Website migration always supposes your internal link shift, and this means all the posts that have link navigation to other pages might be broken after migrating to another CMS. It might hurt your website in the worst manner.

Long downtimes

During migration, you might have to deal with lengthy downtimes. Thus, during the entire migration period, your website will become invisible to internet users, which affects the continuity of your business.

Our Strategic Website Migration Services

Content Management System migration

It doesn’t matter whether you have your current website on Joomla, Umbraco, TYPO3, WordPress, or any other CMS; at Exemplifi, we can seamlessly convert your existing website to the CMS of your choice. We have dealt with hundreds of website migrations resulting in improved performance and conversion rates. We build migration strategies tailored to your needs.

Domain name migration

Changing the domain name can prove to be as risky as migrating to a new CMS platform, and this is where you might need the help of our experts and our domain name migration services. Our team at Exemplify uses a strategic approach during the website redesign services to ensure a smooth migration.

SEO migration

Our primary goal is to move the website quickly and efficiently while mitigating the SEO risks during the website migration services. We collaborate with our in-house SEO team during the migration process to ensure the pages move seamlessly and all the best SEO practices are in place at launch.

Web hosting migration

We don’t only offer web hosting migration services, but we can also help you choose your next best hosting platform. From building appropriate backups of your website data to quickly importing your website to a new hosting provider, we take care of everything during the migration process.

Move to a Speedy New Hosting Server

With our exceptional migration services, you can bring legendary support and high performance to your website. Using our long years of experience, we have understood how to migrate everything for you seamlessly. 

Mitigating a website to a new server can prove challenging, but we have done it thousands of times, and therefore, we will transfer your website to a new server without disrupting your website. With us, you get:

Comprehensive migration

We can move it all. Everything linked to your website will be copied, re-installed and re-configured on the new server, so you don’t have to deal with any tweaks in the front end. We offer an end-to-end migration service.

Seamless transition

There is no need to show Error 404 to internet users when they visit your website during the migration process. We follow all the necessary steps required to keep your website up and running even during the migration process.

Are you moving your site? Leave the whole process to us!

From planning and execution to keeping the traffic and maintaining the SEO ranking, leave everything to us. 

We offer an end-to-end migration service that starts with the analysis of your specific requirements and ends with post support after completing the migration process. So, choose our service, sit back, relax and watch a seamless migration strategy implemented with perfection.

Full planning, strategy, and project execution

We don’t only provide website migration strategy, but we even conduct proper analysis, come up with the right plan and provide the best support during the execution phase. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for assistance during the migration process or end-to-end migration services; we have got you covered.

Keep the hard-earned Google traffic.

Whether you are shifting to a new CMS or just implementing a series of URL redirects, you need to do it in the right way to avoid any loss of Google rankings. That is why we analyze our strategy properly before migration so that all our clients can keep their hard-earned Google traffic even after the migration.

Exemplifi Can Meet Your Website Migration Needs

At Exemplifi, we are always able to meet the expectation of our clients through our migration services because we offer:


With us, your migration is secured with HTTPS, which also results in amplifying your Google search engine ranking. Our specially chosen plugins prevent attacks during migration and block spam.

Technical assistance

It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling with updating your website on WordPress or with migrating email accounts; our experts are always ready to assist. Our experts will always help you make the most of migration services.

Domain strength

By choosing our website redesign services, you can quickly boost your website’s online strength. Therefore, don’t be surprised to witness an increase in the organic rankings after completing our migration process.


We always leave room for scaling up or down your business after the migration process. That means you can always fine-tune your website after the migration process to fit your current business needs.

Custom functionality

With a long list of plugins and a team of experienced developers, we can always add custom functionality to your website and even integrate it with your current system during the migration process.

Ease of use

We make it easy for you to manage your website in the future during the migration process. After the migration, everything will become super easy, from making changes to the image size to publishing content.

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