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No obligation to hire. 100% risk-free.

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We work with 90% of WordPress Themes and create custom themes.

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Install and COnfigure 100+ plugins in over 15 categories.

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Our dedicated team of developers troubleshoot performance issues and resolve them quickly.

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Quickly launch new landing pages to support your campaigns. 

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How we price projects

Project quotes will vary based on complexity, urgency and scope of the job. Use this Pricing Calculator to get a sense. In general, our hourly rates will be in the $50-$70 per hour as we provide a fixed-cost quote to you. 

Monthly Plans

Sometimes you have a bunch of work you want to get done and quoting for each job might be cumbersome. For such occasions, you can subscribe to our monthly plans. 

You can cancel with a 30-day notice at any time.


$ 249 Month
  • 5 developer hours
  • Chat Support Only
  • 24-48 hour response time
  • Credit Card Billing


$ 449 Month
  • 10 developer hours
  • Live Person and Chat Support
  • <24 hour response time
  • Credit Card Billing


Anything from small tasks and fixes (404 errors, plugin not working as expected, slow database optimizations, white screen of death fixes) through server and website maintenance work (website migrations, theme and plugin updates, speed and security optimizations) to full custom development work (custom theme/plugin development, new website design and development).

We will provide a fixed price estimate for each project. This estimate is typically based on the total scope to be completed, complexity, and urgency. Our typical rates range USD $50-70 per hour. You can view some sample projects and cost estimates on our pricing page.

Typically in 3-5 hours. 

It depends on how you define urgent really. On average, it takes around 3-5 hours for us to start reviewing and engaging with your project and around 22-24 hours for a project to be fully scoped and estimated.

Yes, we do have a money-back policy. Based on what was mutually agreed, you will receive either a partial or full refund.

There is no time-frame within which you can request a refund due to non-delivery of work, as long as the project has not been marked as complete. If you do mark the project as complete, we won’t be able to issue a refund after that. 

No, it’s entirely free and there is absolutely no obligation to hire us. 

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Get a free estimate. No obligation to hire. 100% risk-free.

What people say?

The Exemplifi team were professional and delivered quality work at exceptional speed. They were like an extension of our department, and supported our team every step of the way during the biggest launch in pharma history. I highly recommend them and I will be sure to utilize them again.
David Antos
CTO, Havas
Exemplifi was great to work with for our website project. We had a complex technical situation with our existing website, and a long and convoluted schedule for developing the digital campaign. The Exemplifi team was flexible and organized and produced a quality deliverable on schedule. After the close of the project, they were available for questions and support above and beyond expectations. I’ll definitely work with them again.
Naimul Huq
Head of Analytics, Lippe Taylor

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We discuss a useful tool – Query Monitor – that helps with debugging slow WordPress database queries.  Why Query Optimization? WordPress is usually very efficient at executing its internal database queries. So generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to work on optimizing them. Most of the time when a page is slow, the culprits lie elsewhere.