Course Curriculum

This is an introduction to custom development within WordPress. We will review all the concepts below.


How WordPress manages content. This covers the following areas:
– Static Pages
– Dynamic Content Posts
– Custom Fields and content types
– Media and Asset Management
– Forms
– Taxonomy of Categories and Tags
– Navigation Elements
– Ability to handle all of the above in a multilingual setting

Workflows, Users and Permissions

How WordPress handles various workflows for publishing content and assets. Also the ability to create users with different roles and provide granular permissions.

Templating System

We look at Themes and Page Builders in this section. In particular, we do a deep dive into Astra Theme and the Elementor + Divi Page Builders. 

Component Design

We look at how to achieve Component Design using the Divi + Elementor builders.


Every CMS exists within a rich “app store” of products. The breadth and depth of this ecosystem varies significantly for different CMSes. We do a high-level survey to provide some indicators. 


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